College Square PTO End -of-Year Summary


Good Morning CS Families! We had an amazing year as a PTO. Thank you so much for the donations of time and items for our students and staff. Below is a rough overview of the financials for 2022-2023.
Please let us know if you have any questions. Have a fun and safe summer!
2022-2023 PTO Finances Quick-Look
$13,135.85 from the Fall Fun Run
$3,891.03 from the Spring Rosalind Candy fundraiser
$2,608.00 from the Joe Corbi’s fundraiser
$2,194.43 from Family Fun Engagement Events
$2,025.27 from the School Store fundraiser
$2,016.99 from the Spiritwear fundraiser
$1,057.00 in Membership Dues
$12,044.31 on Field Trips (Estimating Transportation costs pending billing)
$3,643.08 for Teacher Supplies and Allotments
$2,488.84 for Second Grade Move-up
$1,187.26 for PTO Admin (Taxes, Insurance, Website, Paper, etc.)
$1,017.58 for Staff Appreciation
As a note, $4,069.50 was spent in the 22-23 budget year on items approved in the 21-22 school year (Purple Playground Mulch, Recess equipment, Teacher Supplies, Kindergarten Registration books, Classroom library books, etc.)
We’re still crunching the numbers on Fun Day (roughly $800 spent), but the checking account balance currently stands at $13,998.32.


~2nd Grade Parade Walk~

On Tuesday May 30th at 3:00 PM, the 2nd graders will be participating in a Parade Walk. Families are welcome to watch the 2nd Grade parade outside of the school (similar to the Halloween Parade).


2022-2023 College Square Yearbook

You can purchase a yearbook for this school year by clicking on the link below:


May 11, 2023 meeting minutes

May 11, 2023 CS PTO meeting minutes


Fun Day help needed!!

Not only do we need volunteers for the actual event, but we need volunteers to pick up the “games”. Please see the sign-up date 5/22 for an opportunity to provide the games (please turn in your receipt and you will be reimbursed). **PLEASE message Jordan  (724-987-0167) prior to purchasing so she can approve your purchase for reimbursement since we are on a smaller budget this year.
***Volunteers for fun day, you can sign up for a general time slot or you can sign up for a specific one (I.e. face painting, bubble, ducky pond, etc).
All volunteers must have clearances on file with the district.
Please reach out to Jordan with any questions!!!
*Please note that if you are volunteering during Fun Day, please do not post pictures to social media for the security of our students and staff*


April 2023


2023-2024 College Square PTO Board

Congratulations to our 2023-2024 CS PTO Board!
President: Kristen Bertoni
Vice President: Amber Hajos
Treasurer: Tim Curtis
Secretary: Rachael Didio
We are so grateful that each of you are excited to continue providing CS & families with wonderful events and memories!

College Square Yearbook

Need to order a yearbook? Click on the link below to have it shipped to your house:



Once we have the schedule, we will have sign-ups for volunteers.
So in the agenda for the day, we have…
-Popsicles (other pops which are dye free) and also a sugar free option (donated by Spokane)
Other things we need people to take hold of are games. If you’d like to purchase (you will be reimbursed) or make these games, please comment or reach out to me.
– giant ring toss
– giant dart board (suction cup)
– limbo
– potato sack race
– obstacle course with pool noodles and items we can borrow from the gym (scooters, etc)
– giant Jenga
– face painting/tattoos like last year (we need heavy duty stencils, good paint and sponges)
– baseball throw game (jordan)
– soccer kick game (jordan)
– ring the bell (strong man) game (jordan)
– giant bubble wands (baby pool and giant bubble wands)
– dance station with bubble machine (does anyone have a bubble machine?)
– planting station with potting soil and flowers to take home (need a volunteer to call lowes and/or home depot and ask for donations for flower seeds, soil and pots if possible)
– tug-a-war
– ducky pond (baby pool with prizes)
– giant bowling?
Possible dunk tank or dunk bucket


May 11- Joe Corbis pick-up (4-5:30 PM) 🍕
May 26 – Fun Day 🤸
May 29- NO SCHOOL: Memorial Day 🇺🇸
May 30 – 2nd Grade Celebration Parade 🎉
June 1- Last day of School ( ½ Day) 📌

Joe Corbi Fundraiser

Today kicks off our final fundraiser of the school year! Joe Corbi order forms and prize pamphlets went home Friday or early this week. Joe Corbi order summary sheets and money are due Friday April 14th.
  • Note prize pamphlet for prizes awarded for # of items sold
  • Make all checks payable to “College Square PTO” and put your child’s name in the memo section
  • Orders will be available for pickup Thursday May 11th from 4-5:30 at College Square.

2nd Grade Well Wishes for Yearbook

Attention 2nd Grade Parents(only): It’s time for 2nd grade well wishes. Please celebrate your child by filling out the link so that it’s included in the yearbook. LINK NEEDS FILLED OUT BY 4/7/23.


2nd grade well wishes



And if you still need to order a yearbook :

yearbook order form



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