Once we have the schedule, we will have sign-ups for volunteers.
So in the agenda for the day, we have…
-Popsicles (other pops which are dye free) and also a sugar free option (donated by Spokane)
Other things we need people to take hold of are games. If you’d like to purchase (you will be reimbursed) or make these games, please comment or reach out to me.
– giant ring toss
– giant dart board (suction cup)
– limbo
– potato sack race
– obstacle course with pool noodles and items we can borrow from the gym (scooters, etc)
– giant Jenga
– face painting/tattoos like last year (we need heavy duty stencils, good paint and sponges)
– baseball throw game (jordan)
– soccer kick game (jordan)
– ring the bell (strong man) game (jordan)
– giant bubble wands (baby pool and giant bubble wands)
– dance station with bubble machine (does anyone have a bubble machine?)
– planting station with potting soil and flowers to take home (need a volunteer to call lowes and/or home depot and ask for donations for flower seeds, soil and pots if possible)
– tug-a-war
– ducky pond (baby pool with prizes)
– giant bowling?
Possible dunk tank or dunk bucket