Funding the PTO

Throughout the year the students are asked to participate in various fundraisers and the question is often asked “Where does this money go?”.

Each year the PTO provides the funding for:

  • Take home folders for the students
  • Planners for the students
  • Back to school lunch for teachers and staff
  • 6 Field trips including bus transportation
  • Book Fair (twice a year)
  • Construction paper for entire school
  • Office supplies for PTO
  • Butterflies for 2nd grade
  • Fun Day
  • Holiday Shoppe supplies
  • School programs/Assemblies
  • Family Fun events
  • Insurance, Audits, & Taxes
  • Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Kindergarten popsicles on playground
  • Books for the incoming kindergarten students when the pre-schools visit.
  • Supplies for 2nd grade’s Christmas Around the World
  • Box Top prizes
  • Classroom parties
  • Community service projects
  • Fun Run / Jog-a-thon
  • Money for each teacher to spend on needs for their classroom

In addition to the above yearly list the PTO was able to provide the following additional items/events over the past several years:

  • Purchased the new indoor peaceful playground kit for indoor recess
  • Gifted the music department $3,000 to purchase instruments and music supplies
  • Gifted the STEM lab money to purchase kits and enhance the space to promote creativity.
  • Purchased document viewers for each classroom
  • New Laminator for all the College Square Staff to use

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