First Grade Teachers

Mrs. Appel:

Classroom Needs:  Paper Towels

Classroom Wants:  Books about Diversity

Personal Gift Ideas:  Donate to my Polar Plunge Page to support Special Olympics, just go to

Something I like to do:  drink coffee and go out to dinner with my family


Mrs. Boariu:

Classroom Needs:  Dry Erase Markers

Classroom Wants:  cushion seats (for kiddos to sit on), Headphones, and Whisper phones

Personal Gift Ideas:  Starbucks Gift Cards and Seasonal Candles

Something I like to do:  Read, Cook, and spend time with my family ( I have a 7 month old daughter)


Mrs. Murphy:

Classroom Needs:  Markers (I like Crayola but it does not matter)

Classroom Wants:  Twistable Crayons, Board Games, and Glitter

Personal Gift Ideas:  Essential Oils, Anything with a bird or tree on it, Jewelry, and Soap

Something I like to do:  Gardening, Reading, Hiking, Kayaking, Playing with my pet birds


Mrs. Russian:

Classroom Needs:  Craft Supplies and Gift Cards to Hobby Lobby and Michael’s

Classroom Wants:  Teacher Pay Teacher Gift Cards

Personal Gift Ideas:  Gift Cards to: Target, Amazon, J Crew, and Toms

Something I like to do:  Read, Cook, and SHOP!!


Mrs. Saylor:

Classroom Needs:  Construction Paper and Cardstock any color

Classroom Wants:  Books!! I purchase mostly from Amazon and Resources from Teacher Pay Teacher

Personal Gift Ideas:  Gift Cards to Amazon, Target, JCrew, and the Loft

Something I like to do:  Drink Coffee, Shop, Walk Snoop (my dog) and watch Netflix


Mrs. Spanik:

Classroom Needs:  Play Doh

Classroom Wants:  Prize Box Items (small toys, erasers, pencils and candy)

Personal Gift Ideas:  Amazon and Kohl’s Gift Cards

Something I like to do:  Read and go to the pool/beach


Mrs. Balik:

Classroom Needs:  Novels for read alouds, Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks, and Squeeze Glue

Classroom Wants:  Board Games, Indoor Recess Play Toys, Wiki Sticks, Astrobrights Paper, and Craft Supplies (glitter, eyes, felt, and paint)

Personal Gift Ideas:  Anything Coffee Related!

Something I like to do:  Travel, Hike, Run, Decorate my House, Read, Cook, and Bake