Kindergarten Teachers

Mrs. O’Neill:

Classroom Needs:  Beginner & Intermediate Pencils, Scotch Tape, Paper, Construction Paper, Turtle Food (for Class Pet)

Classroom Wants:  Smelly Markers and Dollar Tree items for Sensory Bin Supplies

Personal Gift Ideas:  Anything in Beaver

Something I Like to do:  Target!  Hang with my Family, watch Movies, and Hike


Miss Hullihen:

Classroom Needs:  Puzzles (24 pieces or under), Board Puzzles, Hands on Logic Puzzles

Classroom Wants:  Teacher Pay Teacher Gift Cards and Science Center Items (anything hands-on discovery)

Personal Gift Ideas:  Anything from the heart, Gift Cards for Target, Chick-fil-a, and Starbucks

Something I like to do:  Run, anything outside, travel


Mrs. Keller:

Classroom Needs:  Headphones and Big Glue Sticks (.77 oz)

Classroom Wants:  Teacher Pay Teacher Gift Cards or Money and Puzzles

Personal Gift Ideas:  Blankets and Amazon Gift Cards

Something I like to do:  Read and Kayak


Mrs. Kinsley:

Classroom Needs:  set of classroom offices and a bean bag chair

Classroom Wants:  an art cart for the bathroom, lakeshore alphabet learning locks

Personal Gift Ideas:  slippers size 7.5, a blanket, hand soap, candles

Something I like to do:  shop at Target, Kirklands, Marshalls, Kohl’s, and Amazon


Mrs. Morgan:

Classroom Needs:  Classroom Headphones and Supplies for Classroom Pet (Titan) like Reptile bark, 100 watt heat bulbs, night time bulb

Classroom Wants:  Sensory Items (styafoam peanuts) and STEM Games

Personal Gift Ideas:  Target Gift Cards and Essential Oils

Something I like to do:  Spending time with my kids and getting my nails done


Mrs. Zachewicz:

Classroom Needs:  thick paint brushes and Seasonal Read alouds

Classroom Wants:  Creation Station Supplies – colored pencils and thick & thin markers

Personal Gift Ideas:  Marshalls, Target, TJ Maxx Gift Cards

Something I like to do:  go to the movies and make crafts (Michaels)


Miss Wessel:

Classroom Needs:  Hand Sanitizer Pump Bottles and Composition Notebooks/Journals

Classroom Wants:  Coloring Books, Multi Color Dry Erase Markers, Crayola Washable Tempura Paint (Orange, Green, Red, and White)

Personal Gift Ideas:  Anything Coffee Related J, Target, Amazon, and Michael’s Gift Cards for supplies

Something I like to do:  Read and Relax, Crafting, and Home Improvement Projects